Dressing Room : Caroline Penn

The dressing room of this grand house seems the most appropriate space for my work.  It is a place of wardrobes and draws; filled with hope and despair, forgotten silk and folded dreams.  

Close to the bedroom, traditionally a place for entering and exiting the world, the dressing room is similarly a place of transition. It is an intimate space. Here, the private self is prepared and perfumed, ready to become the public self.

The cupboards hold these secrets of self.  Each one is an archive where every garment holds the memory of the person you once were.

These representations are kept and accumulate over the years, stacking up like memories. 

For me, browsing the archive, I am browsing the memories of another. Of a person in a time I did not know, every garment reminding me of the absence of its owner.

Away from the dressing room, these sketches from a life-drawing class were made into monotypes and then assembled into a kinetic 3D sculpture, as part of a class project.


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