Cathy Hull brought up in the Peak District, the house and family is the inspiration for her work. Came to London for the bright lights, fell in love with the city and stayed. Originally a graphic designer, now studying printmaking and digital media, seeing how far it will take her…

Anupa Nangla’s interests lie in abstract art with conceptual overtones and printmaking. She finds herself drawn to patterns, folds and shapes created by the lines and curves in nature (e.g. shells and pine cones) and everyday objects (like the inside of olive oil bottles and patterned ribbing on plastic cartons).

Cy Bernheim is an interdisciplinary artist who works predominately within printmaking. Her practice is inspired by nature and the urban landscape. The artist’s intention is to create works acknowledging the complexity and mystery of the environment we inhabit, whether naturally occurring or man-made. Bernheim uses drawing and photography to capture the details of her surroundings and printmaking processes, in particular etching and digital media, to translate her findings into still and moving image.

Alex Snax is an interdisciplinary artists that works between digital, print, installation and soft sculpture to investigate themes of indulgence, desire, excess and the cognitive sublime in late capitalism. His approach utilises participatory elements whilst aiming to enter into the post digital conversation and moving speculatively toward the future.

Caroline Penn is a london-based artist. Having had a long career as an editorial photographer, she now makes artist’s books and small installations using drawing, text and collage as well as photography. Much of her work explores themes of domestic space, memory and intimacy.

Paul Lincoln is a London-based printmaker who has focused on cyanotype, silkscreen and stop motion graphics. His interest in walking, buildings and the evolution of city life was turbo-charged by the need to lockdown within the limits of the City of London which now forms the basis for this show.

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